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Vancouver’s Velo Vision: Safe Biking for All Ages

In June, the city of Vancouver hosted the Velo-City Global 2012 Conference, where international cycling planners, professionals and advocates convened.

Streetfilms partnered with the city to produce this video about Vancouver's investment in bicycling. Easy and convenient transportation is key to their status as one of the world's most livable and sustainable cities. In 2010 they introduced their downtown separated bike lanes. And since, cycling has become the fastest growing mode of transportation in Vancouver.

The city's investment in bike infrastructure is paying off and city leaders continue to set their goals high. The city's Cycling Vision includes developing new bicycle and greenway networks, building ample bicycle parking, making access to transit easier, prioritizing cycling education and promotion, and creating a friendlier pedestrian environment with more livable neighborhoods.

The end result is a city where cycling is safe, convenient, comfortable, and fun for people of all ages and abilities.
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  • jim.moore70

    And steadfastly maintaining their mandatory helmet laws, the antithesis of convenient, comfort and fun cycling. And probably not even safer than riding without one like nearly all the rest of the world does. Vancouver authorities were told this over and over at the conference by the world's experts but no-one in authority will grasp the nettle and repeal this stupid cycling-handicapping law.

  • http://profiles.google.com/toddedelman1 Todd Edelman

    And as I have mentioned before, Mayor Robertson apparently saw the hesitant and negative media reaction to suggestions for helmet freedom and then ordered a ticketing action on helmetless cyclists immediately after the event was over -- and this web of slimeyness caught one of the co-publishers of Momentum magazine, which was a frikkin partner of the conference.

  • Milkquetoast

    Great job! I love Vancouver!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, well it's not like Robertson want's the helmet law.  From a traditional car automobile based perspective, anything that increases immediate danger is "bad".  Robertson has to play politics here and I think this is as fast as achievable without being overthrown.

    I do firmly believe that we will have no regrets about the cycling program thirty years from now.

  • Bob645

     The helmet law is Provincial, not municipal. Feel free to dis the helmet law, that's warranted, but the mayor is pretty powerless on changing it really, aside from advocating for it. welcome to provincial/municipal politics.

  • http://karenlynnallen.blogspot.com/ Karen Lynn Allen

    I am deeply envious.  (Except for the helmet law thing.)

  • http://twitter.com/gecko39 fj

    This is the future and it is wonderful.

  • Louis Mazerolle

    Nice to see Streetfilms looking north! Vancouver is doing some very nice things for active transportation and urban planning in general. Montreal is also doing a lot as more and more people choose cycling and public transit. It has also done some very nice public spaces. Unfortunately, it is not going as fast and as good in all Canadian cities.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jane.garbish Jane Garbish

    My husband and I just spent a month in Vancouver, and rented hybrid bicycles were our only mode of transportation.  It was incredible!  We so appreciate the city's attention to safety and opportunity for cyclists.  We're from Texas, and you are far ahead in both planning and attitude for promoting cycling.  Keep up the good work!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Iamtoddedelman Todd Edelman

    Uh ohh, looks like we offended Bob645 and Chris_Mackenzie...
    The mayor does not have to go out of his way to get the helmet law enforced. But about "overthrown" -- if he stated his opposition he would get "overthrown"? So Vancouver-people love helmets so much they would kick the mayor out if he did not have similar feelings?I doubt it, because apparently about 50% of people cycling in Vancouver do not wear helmets. But you wouldn't know that from watching this video - was this a condition of the collaboration?

  • Bowen Payson

    Nicely done. Great video and nice to see all the great work in Vancouver. 

  • http://twitter.com/walkeaglerock Walk Eagle Rock

    I'd love to see Vehicular Cyclists make a similar video promoting their view– can they find a 12 year old child saying they prefer to mix with cars over having dedicated, safe paths separate from motorized traffic?

  • http://www.facebook.com/John.S.Rawlins John Rawlins

    Just imagine how many more cyclists Vancouver would have if they got rid of those geeky helmets.

  • Colin Smith

    Helmets are the bomb

  • Robert

    It's true. But my understanding is that is not within the city's control, but rather in the control of British Columbia. The city could choose not to enforce that law, though. That would likely lead to an eventual change if they did so.