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Making the Case That Bikes Mean Business at the 2013 National Bike Summit

How would you make the case to Congress to fund bike infrastructure? That was the question Streetfilms posed to attendees at this year's National Bike Summit. Here's a look at what they told us.

You'll also hear from one of the conference headliners, Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard, who has overseen some dramatic changes in his city. When he took office, Indy had one mile of bike lane. It now boasts 75. Plans call for 200 by 2015. In addition, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, a multi-use path which runs through the heart of downtown, officially opens in May. You can be sure Streetfilms will be there to check it out.

And if you haven't seen it, make sure to check out our video on the Women's Bike Summit which was held prior to the NBS.

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  • http://walkbikejersey.blogspot.com/ Andy B from Jersey

    As always, great video Clarence!  I missed out on the summit this year but I feel like I got the gist of everything from this short video.  I like the quote from Mayor Ballard of Indianapolis.  I think he summed up the need to build for bicycling better than anyone; bicycle amenities as a talent attractor.  That quote alone inspired me to write a introspective and I hope revealing article about the state of bicycle friendliness in New Jersey on my blog.