We have our first Streetfilm at 100,000 plays!

Published a little over two years ago, our Streefilm The Case for Physically Separated bike lanes has become our first with 100,000 plays.  The film basically got birthed one day when our Executive Director Mark Gorton was out with me shooting on the streets near our West Village Office and he said he wanted to record something on camera about making bike lanes safer.  I threw together a basic graphic, we picked up some short, great soundbites from Enrique Penalosa and Gridlock Sam and we were off!

To say our film has changed the prospects for safer bicyciing is an understatement: even today it is still one of our most requested Streetfilms and it is being used by communities to push for such ammenities.  Many U.S. cities are suddenly looking to cycletracks.  And outside the U.S. too!  Here in NYC the landscape has changed since our production with Janette Sadik-Khan at the helm of NYCDOT and the proliferation of safer bike lanes, and so we are going to be looking at putting up an amended Streetfilm sometime this summer touting those successes.

In actuality, the number has been over 100,000 plays for quite some time as the Streetfilm is also on YouTube (almost 70,000 plays!) and has played in at least two dozen venues with thousands of attendees.  Just google "physically separated bike lane" and we are in seven of the top ten items that pop up.  So celebrate, the world is changing for the better!