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Win the first ever Streetfilms t-shirt contest!

From time to time we'll be giving away a Streetfilms t-shirt to a lucky reader or watcher. They are filled with American Apparel sweetness and of course they are a handsome shade of purple. It is the best shirt I have ever owned in my life and I will never wear anything again. I kid you not! Look below...


Okay, on to our first ever contest and this one is a fun, easy one to enter! Simple, just watch our video on the Boulder Bus System to learn what cool route names they have for bus lines there. Then submit your own creative name for a NYC bus line and a sentence or two as to why. Most creative wins the t-shirt. Winner judged solely by Streetfilms staff.

Enter by leaving your answer here as a comment. And, most importantly, you must have a valid e-mail address so we can tell you if you win. Winner posted by Friday AM, October 17th.   We'll also list our top three faves then.  Good luck.

  • Lord of the Barnes Dance

    How about the SLUGG? New York City buses average like 3 or 4 mph. The extra "G" is not a typo, it is to show how extra slow the buses are!

  • fafacious

    I vote for HONK! It's what bus drivers need to do in NYC to get the other vehicles out of their lane.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mrcolombia Diego Garces

    Liberty Line: its a way to remind the city and tourist on why NYC has been such a great place for immigration flow. Just hop onto a bus or train line to see a variety of cultures when visiting NYC.

    Liberty Lane: Freedom To Ride!

  • rex

    The Shelly: The silver buses on this route are instantly recognizable since the buses do not have any doors, they only provide the illusion of service.

    The Brodsky: These 1950's style buses only operate in reverse.

    The Wiener: These buses make a tremendous amount of noise and smoke, but don't actually move.

    The Bloomberg: Buses on this route can move very quickly, but they have no fixed route and you cannot find out where there are going until you get there.

  • http://www.livablestreets.com/people/shishi shishi

    For the subway I say "schlubway"
    For the buses I say "S.L.U.G." Slow-late-unrealiable-Gone

  • cjstephens

    I'm reminded of the M30, which used to be known as the Bloomingdales bus because it took the good folks of the Upper East Side down to shop (and back).

    Some names for today?

    For the M15 (the busiest bus line in the country, which goes up 1st and down 2nd): The Breathless, as in don't hold your breath for them to finish the 2nd Avenue Subway.

    For the M23 (still the slowest in town?): The Tortoise.

    For the B61 (which terminates at Ikea): The Glog (there should be a Swedish-style umlaut on the o there, but I can't figure out how to type that).

    For the M60 (the best-kept secret way to get to LaGuardia): the Fiorello.

  • http://www.livablestreets.com/people/futurebird Susan Donovan

    The DIVE BUS for a bus line that runs late nights to pick up people from bars.

    And how about the Fordham Road JUGGERNAUT -- put tank-treads on the bus and ride right over anything parked in the bike lane.


  • Clarence Eckerson, Jr.

    These were submitted by GAL FROM DOWNUNDER. I am moving them over as they were posted under the actual film:

    I've yet to take a bus, mostly because I ride a folding bike, but partly 'cos I can't work out where they go and when in a hurry!

    I'd base it completely on the famous and fabulous New Yorkistan cover:
    at least people will instantly know where the bus goes.

    A very poor, distant second idea would be to name them where they mainly go ...

    The Skirt - goes to the Garment district
    The Dumpling - goes to Chinatown
    The Canoli - goes to Little Italy
    The Wall - goes to the Financial District
    The Stage - goes to the Theater District
    The Duke - goes to Harlem
    The Yorkie - upper East Side
    The Crawl - Meatpack
    The Sprog - Park Slope
    And there's gotta be a good one for Chelsea

    ... but more than names, I'd really like to see the main stops written on the side of each bus. Like the subway map do.

  • http://www.livablestreets.com/people/inwoodist Urbanis

    "And there's gotta be a good one for Chelsea"

    The Boys, of course!

  • http://www.teedious.com Nerdy Shirts

    Haha, some good name suggestions here.
    I like the color of the purple, it's very vibrant!