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WTF?! “The Lorax” Gives Mazda “The only Certified Truffula Tree Seal of Approval”

Can you believe this?  Does this get you riled up? You need to take a gander at this new commercial for Mazda's CX-5, an advertising partner for Universal Pictures Dr. Suess' "The Lorax". It's the latest, most outrageous act of Hollywood greed.

"Certified Truffula Tree Friendly"?! I can't tell you how sick that "endorsement" makes me.

Back when I was 5 years old, "The Lorax" tv special first aired in 1972.  It was a powerful environmental message that I believe helped shape who I've become today.  Yes, sure I'd rather have more cars be as environmentally friendly as possible, but that is not the point here and to allow Mazda to sponsor THIS film is just plain blasphemy.

Universal Pictures and the films producers have completely made a mockery of Dr. Seuss' work.  Seriously.

What do you think?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hart-Noecker/100001623066825 Hart Noecker

    More bullshit greenwashing from a dying industry.  

  • Clarence Eckerson

    change.org has a really cool petition on-line regarding the film lacking a tough environmental message.  Wonder what they think about the Mazda partnership?

  • http://www.facebook.com/handmaderansomnotes Joe Linton

    Groannnnn... This is pretty despicable.

  • fafacious

    A 4th grade class had to teach Universal about the meaning of The Lorax.  Sadly, this ads seems to prove that they need to go back to 4th grade for another lesson.

  • http://twitter.com/PDXKtv Dan Kaufman

     What a load of crap and absolutely no shame.

  • Unless Unless

    Clarence, I agree that the Lorax is sacred ground for our generation. The question I have been grappling with lately is What really separates bikes from cars? Both are industrial transportation products that use roads. From a sustainability perspective, is it just the fuel? I'm mostly playing devil's advocate here. I support all the health, aesthetic, environmental, social, and urbanist benefits of cycling and walking. But I have to take issue with @stevevance:disqus when he criticizes Bikes Belong. Should we boycott the Tour de France just because it partners with with Skoda? I'm just not sure what good it does us to be angry and religious about our separation between bike and car (except when it comes to safety and separated bike lanes). That said, this Mazda commercial is a tasteless travesty against the Lorax we know and love.

  • Clarence Eckerson

    I think that there is a place for possible partnership with the auto industry, I am not universally against that. If a car company wants to sponsor movies that advocate for protected bike facilities or want to provide funds that an organization that promotes bicycling as a safe option we should provide city dwellers or give money to a group to fight for something like congestion pricing, I think those kinds of things are potentialy good ones. Essentially if they want to support good work without diluting the message or coopting the group, I'm willing to be open to ideas.

    But this partnership between THe Lorax and Mazda is completely wrong all around.

  • Mujo237

    I remember watching the Lorax as a kid. they stopped showing it on a yearly basis because of it's strong environmental message. It always made me cry...and I, too, was shaped by the message. Who spwaks for the trees? Certainly not the auto industry. How many more trees will be cut to make room for cars and rv's in Natl and State Parks? This makes me sick. Dr. Seuss would roll over in his grave...it's all about exploitation and influencing the public to accept the corporate lies

  • http://twitter.com/1dangerouself Mark Brewster

    Asking for corporate ethics in the new millennium is like asking thugs to turn down the subwoofers -- good luck, let me know how it works for you.

  • Adamlaw

    Theodor Geisel is rolling over in his grave. The Executors of his estate ought to be ashamed of themselves. Really upsetting.

  • http://twitter.com/joinbattles Jason Bittel

    Glad to see I'm not the only one. I work in branding, and this is just an awful pairing. See why, in Seussian: "The Lorax Endorses WHAT?!"

  • http://twitter.com/Aunt_Bike Barbara Starkweather

    Maybe it's a good sign.  Somebody once said that the better the economy gets, the more ridiculous the car commercials become. 

    Let's face it...we've all seen commercials that feature cars driving over glaciers, up cliffs and building walls, in their own dedicated personal lanes, you name it. 

    The advertising works because we are turning into a nation of adult children who respond to commercial advertising with computer generated fantasy and cartoon characters.  The auto industry has used Disney imagery to sell cars before (I've seen 'Disney' editions of a certain brand of minivan), they're going to keep doing it.  One day they'll be using Barney to sell cars. 

  • http://www.stevevance.net/ Steven Vance

    I cannot see my original comment appear on this page. Not sure why, and I've resubmitted it. The Tour de France is a bike race. Bikes Belong is an organization that promotes cycling as a mode of transportation, one which is at odds, in many cities, with car cultures, and carnage culture. 

    My original comment was: It's about as crappy as Bikes Belong partnering with Volkswagen.

    In January 2012 they announced a "two-year partnership to help develop biking-friendly communities, foster healthy lifestyles and create a cleaner environment."

    I thought Volkswagen's job was to market its cars, but it seems now it will market its goodwill which must have a calculable impact on increased car sales.

  • Dmjaeger

    I was disappointed, and laughed a little. Co-branding is just part of having a movie made in Hollywood (see this movie: "POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold."

    In most cases, it doesn't matter. But in other cases, like this, it does. I think the owners/stewards of every sacred character or story should watch that movie to understand the perils of making a big budget Hollywood film. If they choose to make a movie out of their story, it is absolutely part of the process to use the story to sell things. And there are people whose key objective is to make as much money as possible.

  • http://garyridesbikes.blogspot.com/ Gary Kavanagh


  • http://scorcher.org/ Jym Dyer

    ? There are many places in the world where car-sprawl kills more trees than logging. #BoycottLorax

  • Severin

    Can we get the Lorax to give bicycles the Truffula tree seal of approval?

  • Davistrain

    Blasphemy?  The "Lorax" must have come out after my daughters (let alone myself) were out of the target public range.  Judging from the reaction here, it must be analogous to having Mickey Mouse endorsing Budweiser or Bugs Bunny sipping Jack Daniels old #7.

  • Noan42003

    Feel that?  That's the Earth's spin being thrown off by Dr. Suess,

    "Not on the silver screen,
    Not in a submarine!
    The Lorax would not endorse that car!
    The Lorax would not, near or far! "

  • Fez3327

    It's just silly, corporations think people will believe anything.  Devito has also made my list of "people I would not shake the hand of".  I know Devito is paid, he can retire nine times over I am sure, but I would love to hear about someone in his position speaking up and saying "no" I will not lend my voice to this project, the Lorax would not promote a car, or insult a woman."

  • Anonymous

    It's more like Mickey Mouse endorsing mousetraps.

  • getoverit

    I don't get what your deal is.  Whats the big deal that Mazda teamed up with Universal? They are doing it for a good purpose. They even have a test drive event going with NEA Tour Across America. It is completely unrealistic for everyone to use bikes only. Check out the SKYACTIVE TECHNOLOGY Mazda has to offer.  At least they're doing something.  People like you only want to complain about everything. Its sickening.

  • fafacious

    Have you read The Lorax?  Have you seen the original tv special? 

  • Schminke

    Is there someway to bring the absurdity of this to the public's attention?  Has anyone started a petition against Mazda and their deceptive advertising? I immediately Googled their "skyactive technology" after seeing the commercial, and was floored the fact that it a fully gas-powered engine. 

  • Schminke

    I have researched the skyactive technology and found that it is completely gas powered. Mazda and Universal teaming up is not the issue being presented here, but the fact that Mazda is advertising a car that emits greenhouse gasses and then goes to say it is "truffula tree" approved.  Regardless of the fact that this "Truffula Tree Seal of Approval" certification is a fictional concept, the implication that this car is good for the environment is a false one. We have reached peak oil. That is the reality. I agree, it is completely unrealistic for everyone to use bikes only, but it is also completely unrealistic for everyone to drive gas-powered cars. The resources just aren't there for us to sustain that habit.

  • Fátima Colman
  • James Gently

    I've never heard of the Lorax but if he advertises cars he is responsible in part for the negative health and environmental impacts which include:  death and injury from
    car crashes; cardio-respiratory disease from air pollution; diseases of physical inactivity such as diabetes and obesity; noise; community
    severance and climate change.

  • Warrenbowman

    Well, since you asked, and *only* since you asked: I think you are hopelessly naive.

    BTW, Ted Geisel exercised strict control over the commercial use of any of the Seuss works during his lifetime. His instructions to his wife were to do anything she wanted in terms of licensing after he was gone, as he would no longer be around to care. Not long after he passed in 1991, there was a burst of Seuss licensing, with Green Eggs and Ham t-shirts and the sort widely available in mass-market clothing stores. And it has kept gong for many years. Would Geisel be outraged by the Lorax-Mazda tie- in? Possibly, but it was consistent w

  • Warrenbowman

    With his expressed desires.

  • Gerrard_a
  • Gerrard_a

    please watch the above video in response to this tasteless commercial 

  • Bashaw8504

    I love my new Mazda CX5 ... And the movie. smile ... Life is short

  • Blalblablal

    Just disgusting.

  • Guest

    What do I think? I think you're a fool for wasting your energy on this crap.

  • moka

    Throw your TV off the window!!
    My children love the movie, we saw it at cinema and we'll buy the dvd, and they love the 1972 show too.
    But they won't see the Mazda ad until they're old enough to recognize a "thneed ad".  We try to use our car the less we can, and try to teach them... That's the best we can do. Teach your kids. They're the future.